Daring to Dream™ Fund

Daring to Dream™ Fund

As part of the legacy of the Leading Wales Awards®, we have created the Daring to Dream™ Fund. The fund aims to support the emotional health and wellbeing of ward patients in Cardiff & the Vale University Health Board.

Being critically ill or chronically ill and sadly, for some very courageous people, living with shortened life expectancy are all scenarios that bring each of us into very close contact with the NHS.

All the clinical staff who look after us provide so much expertise, care, kindness and help to us all by providing excellent and appropriate medical interventions.

However, critical, chronic and life-shortening health conditions are hugely emotionally demanding of all patients. This is on top of the immense physical demands of the ill-health itself. As a patient, in order to respond physically as well as possible to our personal health challenges, we also need to dig deep emotionally.

There is a direct parallel for all those in leadership roles – the demands on them as leaders are also hugely emotionally demanding. As a leader, in order to be courageous, inspirational and transformational, we need to dig deep emotionally.

Maintaining emotional health and well-being is therefore a must too for all those in leadership roles.

Hence this fund …….. we hope you too will dig deep
Thank you so much for your support
Barbara Chidgey


Note: Initially over 2019, the fund will operate as “immediate impact” funding, so that the first amounts of fund-raising, one-off donations, regular gift aided direct debits will be regularly transferred to the Cardiology department for immediate use. We can then over 2019 gather funds and spend funds that really highlight exactly how all donations to Daring to Dream™ can really make a difference to the emotional well-being of patients, adding significant value to the wonderful work of the NHS.

The fund is managed (in terms of governance, investment, monitoring and administration) by the Community Foundation in Wales