Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria for individual nominations

The judges are seeking nominations of individuals at all levels of responsibility whose leadership is courageous, inspiring and transforming.

Individuals whose leadership:

Influences and engages by

  • Portraying high levels of integrity and ethics through consistent behaviours
  • Being brave and demonstrating a willingness to take appropriate risks, challenging the status quo
  • Raising levels of morale, well-being and engagement and addressing and resolving conflict

Inspires and motivates

  • Others to achieve unexpected and remarkable results; to achieve more than they believed they could
  • Hence mobilising others in developing a shared vision and goals; motivating others to work together and deliver the best outcomes through collaboration and partnership

Supports creativity and innovation by

  • Working with others to identify areas of necessary change, approaching problems in new ways
  • Working collaboratively to seek new ideas and solutions and fosters an environment to support this

Treats everyone as individuals by

  • Building trust and trusted relationships both within and beyond organisational boundaries; giving employees autonomy over specific jobs and decision making for which they have been trained
  • Paying special attention to individual needs for achievement and growth and ensuring colleagues are developed to successively higher levels of potential

Has measurable impact and

  • Demonstrates that impact and achievement

Judging Criteria for organisational award:

The judges are seeking nominations of organisations (from any sector in Wales) whose focus and investment on leadership development of its employees and volunteers (such as trustees and NEDs) is inspiring and contributes to enhancing employee engagement.

We are seeking nominations of organisations that:

Have a clear strategic approach

  • To developing staff as part of their approach to employee engagement

Inspire, motivate and engage

  • Their employees, volunteers and stakeholders to become ever better leaders

Support leadership learning by

  • Creating a safe environment and opportunities to learn both formally and informally

Treat everyone as individuals by

  • Paying attention to individual needs for achievement and growth and ensuring development opportunities for all

Whose approach has measurable impact and demonstrates:

  • The benefits that these development activities have brought to the organisation in terms of engagement, productivity, happier staff, improved levels of retention, recruitment etc