#myleadership – understanding your personal leadership approach

We are holding 4 free CPD leadership development events will take place during the nomination period for the 2018 Leading Wales Awards.

  1. Thursday 11th April 16:45 at Penglais Campus, Aberystwyth University
  2. Wednesday 25th April at 08:45 at Glyndwr University, Wrexham
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  3. Thursday 3rd May 17:30 at Swansea Business Campus, UWTSD
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  4. Thursday 10th May 18:00 at Cardiff School of Management, Cardiff Met
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One of our key messages through the Leading Wales Awards is that everyone in their professional, voluntary, or personal capacity (irrespective of actual hierarchical responsibility) has a leadership role. Their style and amount of leadership will indeed alter with levels of responsibility, with sector-specific demands or with a particular project. However, having a leadership role and responsibility remains part of everything we do.

Yet – how many of us can really define what our leadership style is or what it looks like to others? This is exactly what #myleadership will help you do.

Following the event, delegates will also be invited to complete the Institute of Leadership & Management’s MyLeadership assessment, providing even more understanding of where your leadership experience and strengths lie and providing customised suggestions for maximising your leadership opportunities.


  • Overview: To provide insight into some of the key styles / approaches to leadership
  • Conversation; to exchange ideas on what good leadership looks like to those of us in the room and what is its impact
  • My Leadership: fresh insight from a practical case study
  • Articulate your personal leadership approach by utilising a Leadership Style Questionnaire
  • Create your personal leadership hashtag #myleadership, which concisely tells others what you stand for as a leader

Finally: Whose leadership do you know that needs recognising and appreciating? The Leading Wales Awards offers important recognition and appreciation for an individual’s leadership and its impact. A representative of the Institute of Leadership & Management will explain how to participate in and nominate in the 2018 Leading Wales Awards.

Barbara Chidgey, an Ashridge Business School accredited coach / facilitator and deliverer of leadership development interventions is the facilitator. Barbara is the Executive Chair of the Leading Wales Awards Consortium. She is now consolidating her interest, knowledge and extensive experience in conversational leadership into a post-doctoral degree.