Moving into their 13th year, the Awards are well-established, high profile and truly pan-Wales. As we work to build a sustainable economy that surely must be at the heart of the #thewaleswewant it is even more important for us in Wales to seek out and identify all those people whose leadership is making a real difference.

Developed by a consortium of professional institutes, voluntary and public sector bodies as well as private companies, the Awards seek to recognise and celebrate personal achievement in outstanding leadership in Wales.

The organisations within the consortium share a passionate and professional belief that outstanding leadership (in all sectors) is the key driver of the growth of the economy of Wales. So our mission is to champion good leadership and influence leadership development by recognising, identifying and celebrating individuals, who through their leadership contribute to the prosperity of Wales.

The judges seek nominees whose leadership is making a real difference in Wales, impacting positively on moving forward their community, business or organisation. We believe that leadership is at all levels in an organisation and we are seeking nominations of people you know whose leadership is making a real difference, irrespective of their hierarchical role and responsibilities within their business, organisation or community project.

They may be a volunteer, core worker, manager or executive in Wales and we need you to tell us about how their leadership is making a real difference to you, your life, your community, business or organisation.


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